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Growing up in Tennessee with my 15 siblings, the foundation was laid for my interest in attending to the needs of others. I lived in Illinois and eventually moved to Missouri where I attended High School and completed my education in the nursing field. While living in Kansas City, I met my future husband got married in 1987 and we moved to California in 1988. My son Adam was born and I split duties as a Mom and Office Manager for my husband’s three medical practice. During that time, Adam had to attend an after school program at the elementary school. I was unhappy with the care he received after school, so I decided to open my own after school program for elementary and middle school students in 1999. Being the 4th oldest child in a family of 16 children, I learned patience and understanding in dealing with different personalities of young children and young adults. I wanted a more structured program with homework assistance and allotted reading time for my son. My program is based on college students and myself individually assisting students with homework, projects and reading daily. We also allot time for physical activities.

The basis of the program is that when parents pick up their children after a long day’s work, they can spend quality time with their children and not have to worry about their homework assignments. As most of our parents both work, this facilitates a much happier, healthier home environment for our students and parents to enjoy. We have proven  children who attend a structured program after school do much better academically and socially.