Open “I liked how personalized the homework help was. It helped me a lot in Math” Close
- Andrew Balch
Open Ms. Randi’s Club is home away from home for our son Jacob everyday. She mentors him and takes care of the kids so well. It is has been a blessing for us to have found Ms. Randi. Close
- Abe and Annie
Open Randi's After school Care is like having grandma provide a safe environment, great homework instruction, and a special place for kids to grow socially and academically! Close
- Al Murray, Mayor of Tustin
Open Ms. Randi treats all the kids as if they were her own kids. Close
- Ross (father of 2 kids)
Open As a single mom needing to work as a turtor after school, Ms. Randi was a “priceless, invaluable find”! Close
- Lynda Poulin, Teacher
Open As a working mom I so appreciate the care and home work guidance our daughters receive from Ms. Randi. She is “one of a kind” so special we love her! Our daughters bonded with several of the girls and made great friendships Close
- Andrea Ozeran, Teacher
Open I will never forget the memories and laughter we all shared together Close
- Shannon Rhodes
Open My favorite part of Ms. Randi’s is the Food !! But I also the memories and friends I made. Im going to miss coming to Ms. Randi;s Close
- Gisele Robinette
Open I enjoyed meeting so many people and making unforgettable friends. Close
- Marissa Ruiz
Open My favorite thing about Ms. Randi's was the amount of opportunities we had to use our creativity and have our own fun. Close
- Kelsey Lowe
Open I loved the Halloween Parties and making haunted houses. Close
- Ashley Tran
Open Ms. Randi always had interesting animals that we played with, rabbits, dogs, lizards, birds. Handeling them was always my favorite. Close
- Shyam Chansadrasker
Open I have such amazing memories at Ms. Randi's holiday parties are my favorite. I have met great friends and memories I will carry with me forever. Close
- Kailey McIntosh
Open Hey Randi not sure if you got my text message and picture or not but I would love to speak about your program and in anyway possible give back to the amazing women who totally changed and impacted my life. Such a blessing how you turned my life around during that time in my life, do not how I would ever repay you. Without all the care you put towards me and my school work I would not have the incredible skills to go to UCI and the knowledge to excel. Love you and miss you!!! Close
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PHONE  714-606-4320
LOCATION  13844 Comanche, Tustin, CA 92782

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